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ASEC Trading launched the export operation from Al Takamol plant
5/1/2011 12:00:00 AM
ASEC Trading launched the export operation from Al Takamol plant and being the first exporter of cement and clinker from Sudan.

ASEC Trading vision in launching the export operation from Sudan is to serve the African continental development ,as our product  being a product of a state member of COMESA ,which is  a free trade area with a nineteen member states stretching from Northern  Africa  to southern Africa  And an expanded free trade area including the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) & The East African Community (EAC) to form the biggest free trade area in the African continental .

Our Distribution and export channels  portfolio in the African continental is serving the import and trading need of cement and clinker for our customers in: Ethiopia ,Kenya ,Uganda ,Tanzania ,South of Sudan ,Rwanda ,Burundi ,DR of Congo ,Mozambique ,Angola ,Congo ,Equatorial guinea ,Benin ,Sierra Leone and Guinea

We are serving the needs of our customers and securing their supply demands, with the most timely & cost effective manner. We are committed to customer satisfaction through delivering a comprehensive portfolio of world class services and products.
"We are Customer Oriented"


ASEC Trading activity is dedicated to seaborne imports and exports of clinker, cement and cementitious products, in bulk and bags.

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