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  • cement.jpgOrdinary Portland Cement (OPC)

CEM I /CEM II , strength 32.5 ,42.5 & 52.5 N/R

According to BS-EN 197-2000 / ASTM -C150-2000

Portland Cement is a hydraulic binder in the form of a finely ground inorganic dark gray powder. When mixed with water, it forms a paste that sets and hardens by means of hydration reactions and processes and which, after hardening, retains its strength and stability, even under water.

Portland Cement, appropriately batched and mixed with water, aggregates and sand, results in concrete or mortar, used widely and universally in the building and construction industry.

There are various kinds of Portland Cement designed for different construction and building specifications. The differences are mainly based on the strengths developed by the cement and the speed with which these strengths are reached.

  • Sulphate Resistant Cement (SRC)

SRC, amount of C3A is restricted to lower than 5% and 2C3A + C4AF lower than 25%. SRC can be used for Foundation, Piles, Basements, Underground structures, sewage and water treatment plants and coastal works, where Sulphate attack due to water or soil is anticipated

  • Packaging

Cement is delivered either in BULK or BAGGED, using the following:

  • Loose Polypropylene Bags or in sling bags,
  • Loose 3 or 4 ply Kraft paper bags or in sling bags,
  • Big bags.


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ASEC Trading activity is dedicated to seaborne imports and exports of clinker, cement and cementitious products, in bulk and bags.

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